National Fair Trade Month

National Fair Trade Month

National Fair Trade Month is designed to increase awareness about fair trade and encourage fair trade purchases.

Now is the time to learn about National Fair Trade Month and support it!

Histories of National Fair Trade Month

In 1992, the Fair Trade Foundation was established to address problems faced by small-scale coffee farmers in Mexico. Many well-known organizations sponsored the organization, including Oxfam and Christian Aid.

Over the next few decades, Fairtrade certification would be granted to a wide range of products. The first was Green & Black’s Maya Gold Chocolate, which is made with cocoa sourced in Belize. Fairtrade was soon followed by many other products.

Fairtrade Towns were established in cities and towns around the globe. This means that they support Fair Trade networks, shops, and organizations. Lancashire, UK was the first Fairtrade Town to be declared in 2001.

There were other events that contributed to the growth of the movement. Fairtrade Fortnight was a two-week period of fair trade shopping in the UK. It also included the creation of a new trademark and Fair Trade products being served at the G8 Summit. The 2012 London Olympics supported Fair Trade and included a Fair Trade campaign to support Jewish Synagogues.

The first ever National Fair Trade Month was established in October 2004. This month’s purpose is to purchase Fair Trade products and to spread awareness about the cause to others.

How to Celebrate National Fair Trade Month

It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated to get involved in National Fair Trade Month. You can make as much or as little impact as you wish by supporting the Fair Trade sector during National Fair Trade Month. These are some ideas to get involved and do something to help grow the movement.

Fair Trade purchases are a great way to support the movement during National Fair Trade Month. This is a great place to start. But, the goal would be to make Fair Trade products a regular part of your daily purchases throughout the year.

Are you unsure where to find fair trade products? You can easily search online for organizations that can help you find the right place to buy fair trade products. Although different countries may have different buying options for products, these resources can help you find the right place to purchase fair-traded goods. If you don’t see the one you need, do a quick search to find it.

Fair Trade groups meet in a variety venues, both online and in person, to exchange ideas, discuss issues, and support the Fair Trade movement. Spend some time this month investing in people who share Fair Trade principles, whether you are on Facebook, Instagram, or in local networks at libraries and business centers.

One easy way to get connected is by joining the Fair Trade community online through the organization’s website ( A quick form can be filled out to sign up for text or email alerts so that you are kept informed of the most important Fair Trade news.

Are you passionate about the struggles of farmers and workers, and are you ready to fight for their rights? Fair trade campaigns focus on a range of issues that will improve the lives of farmers and workers. Many different needs are being addressed, including climate justice and living incomes. For more information on how you can get involved in making the world better, visit the Fair Trade Movement’s campaign website.


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