National Farm Workers Day

National Farm Workers Day

National Farm Workers Day is an opportunity to recognize and thank farmers for their hard work to ensure fresh food continues to be available. The farm is where you get your vegetables, meat, and herbs.

Sometimes it can be difficult to remember how fortunate we are to have fresh produce at our disposal. We also feel disconnected from the roots of our food when we see it packaged in supermarkets. We are reminded to give thanks to farmers on National Farm Workers Day.

Farm workers often work on farms from sunrise to sunset, so it’s not surprising that they have a full day!

Since humans were able to grow food, agriculture and farming have been an integral part of humanity’s survival. The Neolithic era is the earliest recorded history of agriculture.

The Sumerians were the first to engage in agriculture on a larger scale. They had a farming labor force. They developed irrigation systems to grow their crops, and maintained a consistent harvesting schedule throughout the year.

Farmers are those who work in fields picking crops or caring for animals. Farm workers’ work has become more complex due to technological advances, especially in agriculture.

A farmworker can mean many things. This could be someone who is hired by a farm to do any farm activities, or it could also refer to someone who is only hired to harvest the crops.

Farmworkers can find it difficult to work outside for extended periods of time in all climates. National Farm Workers Day is a day to thank farmworkers for all their hard work.

It is a wonderful way to observe the day by supporting farmers and farm workers. You can fundraise for a few charities or donate directly to them.

Today, you could also visit a farm – most farms have a shop or cafe attached. Here you can grab a cup of coffee and fresh produce directly from the farm.

Make sure you pay attention to the labor that went into your grocery shopping trip.


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