National Filet Mignon Day

National Filet Mignon Day

A cut of meat is synonymous with luxury and decadence. It is available to both the common man and the Hollywood debutante royalty. Filet Mignon, French for “dainty filet”, first appeared in the 1906 book “The Four Million”. Filet Minion Day is a celebration of the rich history of this steak as well as the role it played in delicious meals.

Tenderloin. Tenderloin. This is the famed Filet Mignon. This succulent cut can be served in portions of 4-8oz and is available in three different ways: pan seared, grilled over charcoals, or wrapped in bacon. Filet Mignon is known for its leanness and the addition of bacon.

Although Filet Mignon is traditionally made from tenderloin, there are many other cuts available. While the prime cut is the most sought-after and can be made from any type of cattle, it is also available from all types of cattle. The Angus Cut is made from vegetarian-fed beef and is by far the best form of beef. A 32oz filet mignon roast is also available if you are feeling extra indulgent. You’ll pay about $65 per pound, which is $130. But it will be well worth every delicious bite.

You don’t need to be a chef to enjoy Filet Mignon at your local steakhouse. You can also get a great cut of meat from your local butcher if you feel more adventurous. While you prepare the charcoals, marinate the meat in a delicious sauce. Wrap it in bacon and place it on the grill. Be gentle! Filet Mignon should be served medium rare to preserve its soft, tender nature. You don’t need to do this as the final step in enjoying National Filet Mignon Day.


Aug 13 2024


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