National Fire Prevention Month

National Fire Prevention Month

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that seven people per day are killed by home fires. This is more than any other natural disaster in the United States. National Fire Prevention Month helps families educate about fire hazards, the ease of starting fires, and the ways to avoid them.

National Fire Prevention Month is a well-known holiday that allows people to learn about how to make their lives more secure and also the history of national fire emergency situations.

National Fire Prevention Month, which is similar to Fire Prevention Week commemorates the Great Chicago Fire. This fire decimated Chicago in 1871 and left more than 100,000 homeless.

This month-long celebration is sponsored by the National Fire Protective Association. It teaches parents and children how they can prevent fires in their homes, and what to do if one does occur.

Since that incident, Chicago has made significant improvements to its fire prevention policies, including better roads and easier access to fire hydrants.

Families can learn better ways to prevent fires throughout October. This includes checking your heat sources and maintaining your electrical cords. Also, updating your smoke alarms.

This monthly holiday was established in the early 1900s. In 1922, the National Fire Protection Association sponsored Fire Prevention Week to stop similar events from ever happening. President Calvin Coolidge approved this sister holiday and made Fire Prevention Week a national holiday in 1925.

These are just a few ways you can take part in National Fire Prevention Month. Create a fire escape plan for your family and practice it at least twice per year. Smoke alarms should be installed on all levels of your house and in every sleeping area.

They should be tested once per month, and the batteries replaced at least once per year if necessary. Children should be taught what smoke alarms sound and what to do if they are activated. Every member of the household should know at least two escape routes from each room.

Set up a spot for family gatherings outside. You can also help others understand this tips by sharing this holiday on your favorite social media websites using the hashtag #firepreventionmonth.


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