National First Responders Day

National First Responders Day

Every day, paramedics, EMTs, firefighters, and ambulance drivers all deserve some love and affection. National First Responders Day is a great opportunity to show appreciation and gratitude to those who help save lives every day.

When something goes wrong, emergency medical services are available. These workers are trained to assist in any crisis, and meet patients before they even reach the hospital.

First responders in America date back to the Civil War when soldiers were wounded and field workers provided on-site care. This idea goes back even further to Europe during the Napoleonic Wars when lightweight wagons transported the wounded to field hospitals.

Historical records show that the first civilian ambulance was installed in the United States in 1865 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Modern Emergency Medical Services (EMS), which include fire services, ambulances and helicopters, have evolved over the years to offer the full range of modern emergency medical services.

In 2017, Colorado made National First Responders Day official. The day’s popularity has grown to other states, and with the support from the All Clear Foundation, has made many strides towards being recognized.

National First Responders Day can be a wonderful cause and a joy to get involved in. There are tons of options, some of which you can see below.

To thank a first responder for their assistance in a difficult time, send a thank-you note. You can send a thank you note to your precinct if they are unable to be thanked personally.

People who are connected to their communities may want to organize an event in celebration of National First Responders Day at a local library, school or community center. To organize, coordinate with emergency medical services providers, local police departments, and other departments. Invite the community to show their appreciation for the many first responders who play such an integral role in keeping everyone safe.

The All Clear Foundation, a charity, works to build support, provide resources and establish partnerships that will benefit the community as well as those who work in the field. Through their first responder jobs, they aim to improve the wellbeing of all who serve their communities.

You can make a donation or volunteer to raise awareness. There are many opportunities to raise donations via Facebook, AmazonSmile or take advantage of employer match programs.


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