National Flashlight Day

National Flashlight Day

In the United States, flashlights are a key tool to see the path we take in the dark. They are essential for keeping an eye on dangers along the path and helping us return to the point we started walking. Today, we will be looking at the history and significance of National Flashlight Day. Let’s grab our flashlights to go digging in the cave of past!

Let’s look at the history and origins of the flashlight. A flashlight is a small, battery-powered light source which is also known as a torch in North America.

The invention of the dry cell, and small incandescent electric lights bulbs, made it possible to make the first battery-powered flashlights around 1899. The first dry cell battery was created in 1887. It used an electrolyte paste, rather than a liquid electrolyte like previous batteries.

It was the first battery that could be used in portable electrical devices. It didn’t spill or break easily, and it can be used in any orientation. Around 1896, the first mass-produced dry cells were produced. Soon afterward, portable electric lights were invented.

Around the 1930’s flashlights were extremely popular in China. There were sixty flashlight manufacturers that made flashlights for Chinese citizens. Some even sold for one-third the price of comparable imported models.

There are several ways to celebrate this day. First, gather your friends together and hide in thick woods behind your home. If one person doesn’t have a flashlight they will need to search for others. They must flash their lights every five minutes to give clues to the seeker.

Another way to celebrate National Flashlight Day is to create a box fort. In each corner, make a hole large enough to hold the flashlights in place. There are many ways to celebrate National Flashlight Day. Your ideas can lighten the world!


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