National Flip Flop Day

National Flip Flop Day

Flip-Flop Day is a great excuse to show off your toes if you are tired of wearing shoes that don’t fit.

Flip-flops have been worn by people for thousands of years. The first to wear them were the Ancient Egyptians, who wore them in 4000 BC. The sandals have been popular for relaxing on the beach or enjoying the sun since then. The slapping sound that flip-flops make when they are walked on the ground is what gave them their name.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe started Flip-Flop Day. Flip-Flop Day is a day when customers can visit participating cafes in flip-flops to receive a complimentary smoothie. Tropical Smoothie Cafe offers its customers a free drink, the chance to exercise and a chance to get their feet aired. It also uses Flip-Flop Day as a way to raise funds for Camp Sunshine which provides support and respite to families of children living with life-threatening diseases.

You don’t need a Tropical Smoothie Cafe to celebrate your day, but you can find one nearby. Grab your favorite flip-flops, and go for a walk along the beach or in the park.

You can put on warmer shoes if the weather isn‚Äôt right for sandals and then go shopping for new flip-flops so you‚Äôre ready for the sun to come out! You don’t feel like going out? Flip-flops are a great alternative to slippers. Wear them at home and you’ll feel summery!

Flip-flops are great for casual days out. But be aware that they can cause injury to your feet if you wear them too often.


Jun 17 2024


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