National Flossing Day

National Flossing Day

What’s the most recent time you flossed your teeth? You’ve probably heard this from your dentist almost every time you went to get your teeth cleaned, filled with cavities, or pulled. . . But have you ever listened to the advice? There is no need to make excuses, because there is a day that reminds you to floss.

It’s more than that. National Flossing Day is meant to remind you about your oral health, flossing being the most important thing you forget to do. We all forget to floss, admit it.

Since 2000, National Flossing Day is a day that reminds people about the importance of taking care of their teeth. Dental floss is an integral part of this. It has been around since the late 1890s. Ironically, toothbrushes were not cheap when Johnson and Johnson created the first patentable dental floss in 1898.

Originally floss was made of thin silk threads. But nylon became more popular after WWII. Although it took 102 years for National Flossing Day to be created, it is important that you don’t neglect your oral hygiene for that length of time. You’d soon lose all your teeth if you didn’t floss.

It’s easy to celebrate National Flossing Day. Simply get up and floss your teeth before or after brushing. However, both flossing and brushing are important for dental hygiene according the American Dental Association.

The purpose of Flossing Day is to raise awareness about oral hygiene. It’s a good time to make an appointment with your dentist, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve seen them.

You might be afraid of the dentist. However, you don’t have to let that stop you from going. There are dentists who will even sedate you in order to get your dental work done.

Let’s suppose you’ve visited the dentist recently. In that case, you can check to see if your home has dental floss. National Flossing Day is the perfect opportunity to go out and buy some floss.

Restaurants and cafeterias may observe National Flossing Day with dental floss. Managers in other industries can also promote the holiday by giving dental floss to employees.

If you are artistically inclined floss art contests can be organized. This would be a great way to celebrate National Flossing Day. Are you still unsure of how to celebrate National Flossing Day? For more ideas, visit the official website of National Flossing Council.


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