National Food Day

National Food Day

National Food Day is all about encouraging families to pay closer attention to their food choices and to make changes to eat more real, whole foods.

The number of people who cook from scratch seems to have declined since convenience and packaged food became more popular after World War II. This was a great compromise for family life, especially since more women are working outside the home.

However, convenience also brought with it the addition of artificial trans-fats, non-natural preservatives and a lack clear labeling. Many nutritionists and scientists were concerned that families weren’t being informed about what they were ingesting.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest was established in 1971 by scientists concerned about the health of families. CSPI is a consumer advocacy organization that is independent of any government agency and science-based. Its clear and ambitious goal has been to improve America’s food system to promote healthier eating habits for American families.

The CSPI had one major goal: to make healthy, sustainable food accessible to all. They have advocated for this and raised awareness in a variety ways. This includes advocacy for healthier school lunches, better labeling and the removal of certain trans-fats.

In 1975, the CSPI created National Food Day to encourage more people to learn how to shop, eat, and cook healthier. National Food Day was established in an effort to be similar to Earth Day. It is celebrated every year for many decades.

National Food Day encourages people to eat whole foods such as fruits and vegetables, and other natural proteins. It might require some planning and change of habits but the potential for huge results is definitely worth it!

Participating in National Food Day celebrations can be fun and a joy. It can also help to create healthier habits that will last a lifetime.

These are some great ideas to try in honor of Valentine’s Day.

While it is something most people do every day, National Food Day is an important day to eat and enjoy the food. This day, try to make an effort to find all the food you need from the fresh meat or produce section. Don’t eat pre-made, preservative-laden convenience foods.

Are you hungry for crunchy food? Instead of reaching for the bag of potato chips, grab a handful of crisp apples or a carrot stick. Do you crave a sweet snack but don’t know what to do? You don’t need a pre-packaged granola bars. Instead, make your own granola. It will include honey, cinnamon, raisins, vanilla extract, and vanilla extract.

Although the changes in National Food Day (and other occasions) may be subtle, the lasting effects of eating real food are significant.

People often do the same thing over and over because they are used to doing them. It can be difficult for people who have become accustomed to buying processed foods to change their habits. National Food Day is an opportunity to change your old ways of shopping for groceries.

It takes just a few minutes to rethink how grocery lists are created and what food is bought. A plan, which is filled with fresh, healthier foods, is one of the best ways you can improve your food shopping experience.

It is important to spend as much time as possible around the perimeter of grocery stores in order to learn how to shop differently. Because the perimeter is often where you will find the best and healthiest foods. The outside loop is often where fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, the meat counter and freshly baked goods are located. Fill up your cart with produce, then move around the outside.

Various events are being planned across the country in celebration of National Food Day. This day is great for connecting with other people who are doing similar things, whether it’s attending a lecture about how to stock a natural kitchen or participating in a community event advocating healthier school lunches.

It doesn’t have to be healthy, but it does not mean that it cannot be fast and easy! It is all about thinking differently about how food is prepared and shopped for.

It’s easy to grab some cookies or potato chips when your kids get home from school. What if the kids had pre-cut carrots that they could dip in peanut butter? It’s equally delicious and a lot more nutritious.

Instead of making a box of pre-made mac and cheese, or ramen noodles, make Asian stir fries using frozen, pre-sliced vegetables. It’s equally easy, healthier, and delicious.

Are you looking for protein options that are easier to prepare? You can grab a rotisserie-cooked chicken at the deli section in your grocery store. This is a quick and healthy alternative to eating burgers at a fast-food joint. As a side, add some home-baked sweet potato fries or sliced cucumbers.

With a little effort and a bit of attention, National Food Day can make a difference in the lives of Americans and people around the globe!


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