National Fossil Day

Enjoy the joy of watching history unfold over the years through the preservation of remains from ancient organisms. National Fossil Day allows you to learn, observe, educate, and celebrate this amazing phenomenon that has shed so much light on our past.

National Fossil Day was founded in the United States by Vincent L. Stannuci (National Parks Service), a senior paleontologist. It offers an opportunity for all ages to commemorate their geologic history.

This day began as an Earth Science Week-focused day on fossils. It has since grown to include partners from all 50 states. The National Parks Service continues to support the day by hosting numerous events and programs through its partnerships, including the Paleontological Society of America, Geological Society of America and Smithsonian.

National Fossil Day was created to remind people where they’ve been and to celebrate the science and history that led them there!

There are many educational and fun activities that can be enjoyed to celebrate National Fossil Day. These are just a few of the many ways to celebrate National Fossil Day. You can also come up with your own creative ideas.

There is no better way to celebrate National Fossil Day, than to view fossils from ancient times. You might want to visit these museums in order to see their fossil displays.

The Virtual Fossil Museum is an educational resource available online that anyone can access via the internet.

The National Parks Service hosts an annual art contest to celebrate National Fossil Day, with themes that change every year. After the spring theme is announced, all ages are welcome to submit artwork inspired by fossils. Themes that have been used in the past include:


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