National Free Slurpee Day

National Free Slurpee Day

National Free Slurpee Day

A free Slurpee is the best thing about a Slurpee. This frozen treat can be a refreshing way to beat the heat when the sun shines. National Free Slurpee Day is celebrated every year since 2002. However, the frozen treat has been around since much longer, as we’ll show! There are over 300 flavors available, so you can find the right Slurpee flavor for you. Sour Apple is a favorite choice for those who love all things sour. For a sweet treat vanilla is the best choice. If you prefer a Slurpee that has a more exotic flavor, you can add mango or lychee to make it even more delicious.

Let’s begin with some interesting facts about slurpees…

Before we can explain the history behind this day, let’s tell you about the history behind the Slurpee. Omar Knedlik created this. It was originally known as ICEE. It was accidentally discovered, like many of the best inventions in the world. Knedlik came across the idea after a soda fountain broke. He had to freeze his sodas in order to keep them cool. The soda slush was created and became a hit with customers. Knedlik was able to freeze carbonated beverages.

Brand 7-Eleven was able to capitalize on the success of the ICEE beverage. They signed a licensing agreement with Knedlik in 1965 to market the product under a different name. The Slurpee was only sold in shops. An advertising executive gave the name to the drink and it is known for the distinctive sound it makes. This drink was a huge success. The machines were sold in every store by the next year. New flavors were given eye-catching and sometimes even risky names. These included Gully Washer and Sticky Icky, Pink Fink, Moonshine, Gully Washer, Gully Washer, Gully Washer, Sticky Icky and Moonshine.

How did National Free Slurpee Day happen? 7-Eleven celebrated its 75th anniversary as a brand on the 11th July 2002. Customers were treated to a free Slurpee to celebrate the occasion. The first National Free Slurpee Day was established. You will receive a 12-ounce free Slurpee if you visit a 7-Eleven participating store between certain hours. This is as long as there are supplies. We have many other ideas for celebrating National Free Slurpee Day if you don’t live near one.

You can do a variety of things to celebrate National Free Slurpee Day. The best way to celebrate is with a free Slurpee. You can also try new flavors on this occasion. You don’t have to buy it if it doesn’t suit you. You can swap your regular Cherry or Coke for a Slurpucchino, or Purple S-cream. There are many options.

Make your own Slurpee if you don’t have the chance to get one. We have a Slurpee recipe for you if you love Coca-Cola.

This will serve enough for two people. You can increase the quantity by simply changing the amounts.

Once you’ve got all your ingredients prepared, pour half the Coca-Cola in an empty tray. The tray should be kept in the freezer for at most four hours. Make sure the cubes have thawed completely before placing them in the freezer.

To chill, place the remaining Coca-Cola in the refrigerator

After the Coke ice cube tray has frozen, you can transfer the Cola cubes to your blender.

The remaining 1.5 cups of Coca-Cola should be added to the blender along with the eight ice cubes.

Blend all ingredients together until well combined. Transfer to a glass (mason cans are also good!). Enjoy the mixture with a straw or spoon.


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