National Freedom Of Information Day

National Freedom Of Information Day

James Madison Jr. was born at Port Conway, Virginia, on March 16, 1751. This was a time when the nation was headed towards rebellion that would forever change the world. With his eleven younger siblings, he was raised on a tobacco farm and eventually inherited the plantation from his father.

He displayed the kind of courage and ambition that would help him in the future. He grew the plantation to 5000 acres and became the largest landowner in Orange County in Virginia and one of the most prominent citizens in the region.

Later, he would be called “Father of Constitution” because he drafted the United States Constitution. He was also the loudest voice in the fight to ensure that the new nation’s government kept all secrets from its citizens.

Freedom of Information Day celebrates this very idea. The Freedom of Information Act was enacted July 4, 1966, and became effective one year later. It stated that anyone can obtain information from federal agency records that aren’t protected by any of the nine exemptions or special law enforcement record exclusions. It codified the concepts James Madison held dear and made it possible for citizens to access the information they needed.

Colleges of Law and other organizations across the country celebrate Freedom of Information Day by holding panels that give information about the Freedom of Information Act’s rights and freedoms. These celebrations provide information to the public about how they can use their freedoms, what they are, and when they are not applicable. This event can give you the opportunity to learn your rights and to avoid losing a crucial opportunity.

Freedom of Information Day can also be celebrated by being transparent with others. If you are asked a question about a friend or colleague, be sure to answer all of the pertinent details. Print out flyers and give them to anyone who might need it. Don’t forget to ask for the information you need.


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