National Freethought Day

National Freethought Day encourages free thinking that is based on logic and reason. It celebrates the date when the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts were finally over in 1692.

The Salem Witch Trials, a series that took place in 1690s America were an act of sabotage of American history. They were a series involving people being accused of witchcraft and casting spells. There were more than 200 people implicated in the accusations. At least 20 people died unjustly due to this action. This is why the term “witch hunt” was invented.

William Phips, then Governor of Massachusetts, was the one who brought an end to these trials. He even wrote to the British Monarchs William and Mary, the Privy Council of British Monarchs. Phips’ October 12, 1692 letter to the Governor of Massachusetts, William Phips, marked the end of the trial. It was Phips who declared that “spectral evidence” (or testimony that someone’s spirit appeared in dreams) would no longer be important in court. This decision saved hundreds of lives.

National Freethought Day is observed to raise awareness about the dangers associated with allowing a lack of reason and thought dictate the future of people’s life. The day is known as a “festival for reason”, which is often associated with a lack religion. It is celebrated all across the United States, and in California.

National Freethought Day is a day to be open-minded and free from inhibitions. These are some ways you can enjoy the day.

Since 2002, Sacramento has celebrated free thinking and acknowledged its existence. Spending National Freethought Day is a wonderful idea because of the family-friendly festivities and the activism and education required for this important topic.

Themes covered in programs and events include the separation of church & state, social justice and freedom of speech and thought. Civic engagement is encouraged as well as enthusiasm for science.

It is a great way to celebrate this day by becoming more informed about the importance of free thought for a free and fair society. You can either take a look at these titles or create your own.


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