National French Dip Day

National French Dip Day

A pile of tender slices of roast beef, stacked high on a baguette and drizzled with flavorful juices from roasting. Yes! It’s National French Dip Day!

Although the French Dip sandwich is American in origin, it’s not what its name suggests. The sandwich is not comparable to French cuisine in any way so it was named after the type of bread used.

This sandwich is made from a long baguette that has been cut in half and then piled high with tender roast beef, or other meats. The small bowl of au Jour (bouillon-esque broth), that is served with the sandwich, is what makes it unique. A slice of Swiss cheese can be added to the sandwich for extra flavor.

National French Dip Day was created to celebrate the simplicity and beauty of this delicious sandwich.

In 2018, Cole’s French Dip opened the first National French Dip Day celebration. Since its inception in 1908, Cole’s has been serving these delicious sandwiches in Los Angeles. They also established National French Dip Day to celebrate their 110th anniversary.

Philipe’s is another restaurant in LA. It was also established in the same year in 1908. It’s difficult to determine which one was the original. They are both incredible, despite being in business for so many years.

It’s time for National French Dip Day to celebrate these delicious meat sandwiches, which are served with a cup of au Jus!

You can observe National French Dip Day in many ways. Here are some ideas:

It’s a delicious and appropriate way to celebrate National French Dip Day. Go to a restaurant that offers these sandwiches and get one! These sandwiches might be offered by many local restaurants, as well national chains like McAlister’s and Arby’s. You can even make them yourself!

Los Angeles is the best place to try the French Dip sandwich, which may be the oldest American invention. It’s also the one that founded National French Dip Day. It would be great to visit Philippe’s while you are there to compare and determine which one is the best.

Pro Tip: Cole’s is a bar. This means that it is closed in the evenings and into the night for those under 21. Philipe’s is more family-friendly and is open from early morning to late evening. All ages are welcome.


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