National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day

National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day

Fresh squeezed juice is a great way to get those vitamins and nutrients into your diet. You can enjoy a basic glass of orange juice or you can go exotic with a mix like passion fruit with avocado, or clementine and ginger.

National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day, no matter what type you prefer, is the day to appreciate and enjoy all the fruit and vegetable concoctions that are possible in a tall glass.

Fresh squeezed juice has been enjoyed in a basic manner since the beginning of human life. You can “juice” ripe citrus fruits by simply rolling a grapefruit or orange in your hands until its internal parts are broken down and the inside is juicy. You can then extract the juice by cutting a hole at one end and pressing it into a glass.

The mechanical device we know as a juicer was invented by Dr. Normal Walker, an Italian-British businessman. The invention of the juicer allowed juice to be extracted more efficiently from many fruits and vegetables.

The 1970s saw a rise in raw food consumption, primarily in California and the west. The health benefits of natural eating were becoming more widely known, and the juice bar craze became mainstream.

National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day is celebrated early in the year. It acts as a motivation to start new habits and live out your New Year’s resolutions. This day is dedicated to celebrating the health benefits of including more fruits and veggies into your daily life. Enjoy a large glass of freshly squeezed juice!

National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day offers many ways to be happy and healthy. These are some ideas to celebrate and enjoy the day.

Juice bars, farmers’ markets, and juice shops are very popular these days. This makes it easier to get fresh squeezed juice. National Fresh Squeezed Juice Day allows you to stop by a juice bar. Local juice bars are a common feature in many cities. It is worth supporting them.

If you are looking for one that is part a chain, stop by any of these juice bars to get a glass of freshly squeezed juice. You might get a discount for this special day!

If you really want to be motivated to start juicing, it is worth doing some research to find a juicer to purchase for your home. These juicers can be a great way to start a healthier lifestyle by making fresh juice at home every day.

Mixing juices can be fun and creative, and it can add variety to an otherwise monotonous day. It’s easy to just roll the grapefruit on the counter, then put a straw in the glass to enjoy the delicious juice.

These super healthy and delicious combinations of juice recipes are perfect for those who already own a juicer.


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