National Fritters Day

National Fritters Day

Okay, let’s admit something. Before National Fritters Day, we didn’t know that Fritters could be made in other varieties than Apple. We were able to discover that blueberry fritters could also be made from banana fritters, pineapple fritters, and even clam or shrimp fritters.

Although fritters are very popular around the world, they don’t always go by the same name everywhere. There are many varieties of fritters in Asia, including the Burmese akyaw, which are made with a rich, gourd-filled filling. They are usually served with tea or breakfast. Deep-fried gourds are a favorite breakfast food. They also offer it with chickpeas, onions, and brown bean paste.

Indonesian fritters are known as gorengan. The most well-known is pisand goring (a banana-based fritter). You can also try the sweet potato and breadfruit varieties. Bird’s eye chili is the ideal accompaniment to fritters in Indonesia. They may enjoy some spicy spice to their fritters, but we don’t know enough to judge.

Tempura is a type of fritter that you might not have known you had. You can also call Tempura a fritter if you order a delicious, battered and fried Japanese dish. If one only needs to fry something to make it a fritter then does that mean deep-fried Twinkies are a Twinkie Fritter. It’s quite amazing.

First, get out and enjoy your favorite fritter. As you can see, we love Apple Fritters. But now that we know so many types of fritters there are, we find it hard to stop trying new ones. It might be interesting to see how many fritters you have been eating all your life. We were most fond of the potato fritters made with hand-baked potato wedges as kids. Share your favorite fritter with a friend on National Fritters Day!


Feb 12 2025


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