National Frog Jumping Day

National Frog Jumping Day

National Frog Jumping Day… That’s a strange name. It is a day for jumping over frogs. Or is it a day to jump like frogs. Or just a day to celebrate frogs that jump. This question might seem like a long-standing one, but the truth is that it’s actually quite simple. It all begins with Mark Twain, a ma who is well-known for being an important figure in American History.

Everybody starts somewhere. From the embarrassing lines of poetry at primary school to first stumble notes out of an instrument, everyone has a beginning. Mark Twain was no exception. He would become one of the most famous members of American Literary History. However, he began with a short story called “Jim Smiley & His Jumping Frog”, which was included in a compilation titled “The celebrated jumping Frog of Calaveras County and other sketches”. Artemus Ward, a friend of Mark Twain, wrote the title story to be included in a book that was yet to be published.

Mark Twain was very serious about this request and produced not one but two versions of his story… which would never see the light of day. Ward kept pressing him to finish the story about the jumping frog competition. It was too late to be included in the book, so it ended up appearing in The New York Saturday Press, November 18, 1865.

Jim Smiley wasn’t always Jim Smiley. He changed his name to Jim Greeley in the second edition, but that was only after the book was published. The frog kept on jumping!

We recommend that you get a copy “The famous jumping frog from Calaveras County, along with other sketches”, and then give it a thorough read! For something more authentic, get a French translation! It’s now time to embark on your own adventure. This can be a sign that you are ready to ‘jump into it’ and finally get to the thing you have been putting off. You can celebrate National Frog Jumping Day in any way that suits your heart.


May 13 2025


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