National Frozen Yogurt Day

National Frozen Yogurt Day

Many people believe that an ice cream scoop makes everything better. There is more to ice cream than that.

People who thought “Frogurt”, were absolutely right! Frozen yogurt has all the same benefits as ice cream, but with a wider variety of flavors. It is also much healthier than ice cream, and it doesn’t sacrifice any of its delicious taste. Frozen yogurt is a delicious treat for the tastebuds and the body, thanks to its active cultures and natural calcium.

Frozen yogurt is great for satisfying sweet cravings and keeping the heart and soul healthy. What could be more delicious?

Yogurt is a delicious treat that has been around longer than most people realize. Yogurt is over 4000 years old! It was in India and the Middle East that yogurt began its journey. It can be used in almost every type of food.

It wasn’t until 1900 that yogurt was introduced to the Americas and western world. It gained such a wide following that it is no longer considered exotic. Some bright soul realized they could do more than ice cream, which was a hugely popular product in the 1970s. The yogurt was frozen in a way that was both similar to ice cream and unique.

Frozen Yogurt was a huge success after TCBY opened its first Little Rock store in Arkansas in 1981. By 1986, Frozen Yogurt had grown to $25 million annually. It was 10% of frozen desserts market by 1990. No one can argue that Frozen yogurt (also known as “Fro Yo”) was here to stay.

Enjoying a cone, waffle cone, or cup of this tasty treat is the first step in celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day. You can do this on any day. You can make it extra special by adding some fun ideas to make the day even more memorable.

In honor of National Frozen Yogurt Day, many businesses that sell this delicious treat offer special discounts or freebies. All over the globe, shops celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day.

Every year is different, so make sure you check your local shops to see what’s on offer.

A Fro-Yo party is a great way to have fun with friends and family. It can be set up as an ice cream station, complete with toppings. You can choose a base of vanilla yogurt or you can invest in a rainbow variety of flavors such as fruity, chocolate, and caramel-packed.

Ask everyone to bring their favorite toppings, and stack them on top of Frozen Yogurt. Although sugary toppings can negate the health benefits, it’s still a fun way of enjoying Frozen Yogurt.

You can be creative with toppings bars, which could include some or all of the following:

You can make it a special day by hosting a National Frozen Yogurt Day Celebration at work or school. Invite everyone to bring a carton of their favorite yogurt and host a frozen yogurt social at lunchtime. You can also encourage people to sign up for specific toppings and flavors so there is a wide variety.

You can make your own frozen yogurt if there isn’t a soft-serve frozen yogurt shop near you.

This dessert is easy to make at home. Mix together whole-milk yogurt from either pre-made or made at home. Add a little cream and sugar. Once the mixture is combined, add it to the ice cream maker. Continue churning until you get a creamy and rich frozen yogurt. You can add flavors like fruits and chocolate to plain yogurt.

Although National Frozen Yogurt Day is only once a year it can be enjoyed all year.


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