National Fruit at Work Day

National Fruit at Work Day

Celebrate National Fruit at Work Day with a happy and healthy breakfast or snack at work!

National Fruit at Work Day was founded by The FruitGuys, in 1998. It promotes the health benefits of fruit as a snack. The FruitGuys think it’s better to bring a piece fruit to work, rather than junk food or candy bars.

A banana, orange, or apple is a great snack option for a quick morning snack or an afternoon pick-me up. It doesn’t contain any refined sugars or empty calories like other snacks.

Fruit comes in compostable and edible packaging, which is a better option for the environment and a healthier choice for the earth. In honor of National Fruit at Work Day, make sure you head to the grocery store or farmer’s market and pick up some fruits that will make a nutritious snack or breakfast.

Celebrate National Fruit at Work Day and reap the health benefits of fruits with these ideas

While some fruits can be kept for longer than others, oranges and apples, for example, can keep fresh for several weeks. Instead of remembering to bring one fruit every day, it might be better to bring a whole bag of fruits or a few pounds of oranges that can last for at least a week. You can bring some fruits to work, but they might need to be stored in the refrigerator to keep them fresher.

Grapes, mangoes, kiwi fruits, pears, and peaches. There are so many options when it comes to choosing different kinds and types of fruit. Even within the same fruit category, there are many varieties that can be enjoyed. For example, apples offer over 7,000 varieties, while most grocery stores only carry 5-10 varieties.

Bring fruit to work, and share it with your boss, colleagues, or subordinates to make the workplace a more healthy place. In honor of National Fruit at Work Day, managers can show concern for their staff by giving fruit to all employees.

Although they go to school, it is not a job. But, kids do work hard at school. Make National Fruit at Work Day fun for the whole family by packing a piece of fruit with your lunch, instead of a sugary snack.


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