National Fruitcake Toss Day

National Fruitcake Toss Day

Let’s face it: fruitcake is not something anyone really loves, nor does anybody ever eat it. Fruitcake is a holiday joke that’s heavy, bland, and too sweet.

When Christmas is over and the tinsel has been taken down, how do you dispose of the fruitcake you used to prop open the doors/replace a limb/a headrest?

National Fruitcake Toss Day is a fruitful event. (See what we did there?) According to reports, the event originated in Colorado’s Manitou Springs. It was started in an effort to get rid of unneeded fruitcakes after Christmas.

Ancient Rome’s first fruitcake recipe lists raisins, pine nuts, and pomegranate seeds. These were then combined with barley. Honey, spices, preserved fruits, and honey were all added to fruitcakes in the Middle Ages. All over Europe, fruit cakes became very popular.

There were many variations in recipes from one country to the next, depending on the ingredients available and church regulations. In the 16th century, the discovery of sugar from the American Colonies that it could preserve fruits led to an abundance of fruitcakes, which contributed to their affordability and popularity.

Fruitcakes became somewhat of a joke after their excessive sweetness, heaviness, and lack of real flavor. In many places around the globe, fruitcakes are still a holiday tradition.

Since 1995, Manitou Springs has hosted the Fruitcake Toss Tournament every year. The competition features fruitcakes being thrown, hurled and catapulted into the air with a variety of innovative devices. Those braving this event would be wise to remember to look up occasionally – a frozen fruitcake in the face is a formidable force when fired from an exercise-bike-powered cannon.

This crazy holiday can be celebrated in the most fun way: Take part! The Manitou Springs Fruitcake Toss Day is held on the first Saturday in January.

Participants must bring their own fruitcakes. They should contain nuts, candied fruits, and flour. Before they can be used in the competition, the fruitcakes must be inspected by “Fruitcake Toss Technical Inspectors”. This is to ensure that they don’t contain any harmful substances. If you forget your fruitcake, you can rent it on the spot.

The Distance Competition is all about throwing a 2-pound fruitcake as far and wide as you can. The person who can hurl the fruitcake farest is the winner. The fruitcake’s final resting place is where the distance is measured, not the first time it touches the ground.

Catch the Fruitcake is a game where three people are assigned to catch fruitcakes by using their own devices. To ensure that nobody is hurt while trying to catch them, the fruitcakes must weigh at least 1 pound. The team with the most fruitcakes won wins.

Another great way to participate in the competition is accuracy with Targets. However, it doesn’t get as messy. The targets are placed at different distances in the park, including 75 feet, 125ft and 175ft at various angles. Each team must land on or near as many targets as possible.

Enjoy a wonderful time at National Fruitcake Toss Day. But don’t forget about the sky!


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