National Garden Meditation Day

National Garden Meditation Day

A well-kept garden is the best place to relax. A garden feels like paradise, with the quiet trickle of water features, the buzz of pollinators, and the birds chirping in the trees. What better place to relax and meditate on the things you are grateful for?

Gardens are a great place to connect with nature and find inner peace. National Garden Meditation Day invites us to spend time in our gardens and those of others with some soul-searching, peaceful meditation, and to enjoy them.

C.L., also known as the Garden Lady, created National Garden Meditation Day. C.L. has been devoted to the plant world for her entire life. She loves the beautiful places that gardens can create in our homes. She believes gardens can help us connect to each other, the natural world, as well as ourselves in profound and meaningful ways. She decided to dedicate a month to her passion: gardening!

Gardens are a part of every country’s history. They have served many purposes throughout history, including small backyard gardens used as food gardens and retreats, as well as large, complex gardens known as formal gardens. These gardens were used by the important and wealthy as a way to escape the hard and stressful life of being part of the aristocracy.

National Garden Meditation Day encourages people to go outside and enjoy these sacred spaces. They also encourage us to meditate on the sacred parts of ourselves.

National Garden Meditation Day is one of the most fulfilling and relaxing practices you can do all year. Meditation is a proven way to calm the mind and spirit. Meditating in a garden can help you connect with nature and others simultaneously. You have two options: you can go in the garden to meditate on your own, or you can join other gardeners for organized meditations around the globe. You want to share your love for gardening and show off your garden? A meditation can be held in your garden. Invite friends and family members to join you for a day full of relaxation and soul-searching.


Mar 05 2025


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