National Get Caught Reading Month

National Get Caught Reading Month

It’s not hard to see how it works. There’s something very special about being lost in a book. But everyone around you tells you that you are either a bookish nerd or you are secluding. How could you resist the chance to escape into another world and share your thoughts with some of the most brilliant storytellers and thinkers in history? Hide your obsession no more! National Get Caught Reading Month gives you the chance to get out of your bookish nook and start reading!

We have history with authors of all kinds, including books that range from poetry to philosophy to complex scientific concepts. It’s incredible that there isn’t more people reading each day, given all the exciting content available. In 1999, it was decided to celebrate reading and the authors who create the books we love. So it was that the Association of American Publishers, the AAP, supported in dedicating an entire month to being caught with your nose in a book.

It’s even more exciting to see the celebrities and organizations who have joined the cause! Mary-Louise Parker, from Big Bang Theory, made it a point to get caught reading. The Jim Hensen Company used its puppets as a way to encourage people of all ages to read. People all over the world celebrate National Get Caught Reading Month.

Reading has been a way to enrich the minds of everyone, sharing morals and spirituality and teaching people how to survive in difficult situations. There is an ever-growing library of fantasy stories and worlds to fuel our personal mythologies, cultures, and imaginations. Where would fandoms exist without books?

It’s actually quite easy. It’s as easy as putting your nose in a book and forgetting about other people’s opinions. You can take out your favorite book to read during your lunch break. Or, you could read it while enjoying a quiet breakfast before heading off to work. Keep that book with you on the bus. You never know, you might meet other avid readers who share your love of your favorite authors or point you in the right direction to some new ones. National Get Caught Reading Month offers a great opportunity to meet other bibliophiles. So get out there and Get Caught Reading!


May 01 - 31 2025


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