National Get Funky Day

National Get Funky Day

Are you feeling down or bored? National Get Funky Day is for everyone!

The word “funk” was first used in the 17th century to describe a strong odor. It can still be used to mean this today. However, the meaning of the word has changed to something slightly different.

In the early 1900s, “funk”, which was a synonym for “musty”, came to be understood to refer to something earthy, or something that felt strong or deep. Musicians would often exhort one another with phrases such as “put some stunk on it” or “make it funky now”. It was possible that this was due to the notion that musicians who work hard could end up getting sweaty or even stinky. It was often associated with doing a great job.

Soon after, jazz albums were released with Funky or Funky in their titles. This is especially true for black music. It started with African American jazz and R&B, then evolved into its own genre. Many in black culture consider funk an artistic expression. This includes music, writing, and theater.

The idea of being “funky” was not just embraced by the African American subculture, but many people around the US and the world. The National Get Funky Day was eventually established.

National Get Funky Day was founded by Funkytown Fitness in St. Augustine in Florida, USA. Although it wasn’t officially declared until 2017, After Hurricane Matthew had just passed, the idea was to help those who were affected or discouraged.

National Get Funky Day was created to encourage people to get out of their routines and do something different. People can show how happy they are by singing, dancing, laughing, and generally being positive so that they can get out of their “funk”.

These are some fun ways to celebrate National Get Funky Day.

Dancing is an integral part of Get Funky Day, whether you’re going to a club or having fun in the kitchen cooking dinner. Dancing can be a good form of exercise and produce positive hormones. It can help people get past anxiety, depression, and “funk”!

You can make National Get Funky Day more fun by giving your wardrobe and style a little extra pizzazz. You can try a temporary tattoo, a new piercing or color to your hair. You can also do something that makes you stand out and is unique.

Sharing National Get Funky Day is the best thing about it! Invite someone to join you in celebrating National Get Funky Day. They can dress up in outrageous outfits, dance to funky music, and generally just have a great time being different and happy.


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