National Ghost Hunting Day

National Ghost Hunting Day

You have the opportunity to encounter strange, creepy, or even bizarre experiences. National Ghost Hunting Day honors and celebrates the mysterious, curious and mysterious invisible beings that live among us.

While it’s likely that people have been afraid about ghosts, spirits and other ghouls throughout history, organized research on paranormal activity dates back as far as the late 1800s. Although the Society for Psychical Research was founded in 1882, it was already an idea that was part of the British National Association of Spiritists. These members were well-known for conducting medium investigations and seances.

Harry Price, a British psychic researcher, published Confessions Of A Ghost Hunter in 1936. He was also broadcasting from a haunted house for BBC radio at the time of his book’s publication.

In the middle-to-late 20th Century, ghost hunting was still a niche hobby. Ghost hunting was popularized by television shows Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted in the 2000s.

Paranormal industries have grown even more due to the popularity of television shows and the accessibility of high-tech ghost hunting equipment.

National Ghost Hunting Day was established in 2016 to bring attention to the pursuit of paranormal activity. This day recognizes and celebrates ghost hunters, no matter their skill or experience, and is intended to be a celebration of those who are curious, experienced, novice, or inexperience.

Even though any day or night is possible, it’s best to be prepared. While any day can be a good one to seek out paranormal activity in the paranormal, National Ghost Hunting Day makes it extra special!

Participating in National Ghost Hunting Day is fun or scary. It could be all of these! These are some ideas to engage with the paranormal during National Ghost Hunting Day.

Many people enjoy the Palace Theater in Canton Ohio. Ghost Hunting events can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their level of experience. You will need to make reservations in advance and pay a fee. Participants may bring their own equipment, such as flashlights and audio recorders, smart phones, and any other ghost hunting equipment.

If you are serious about ghost hunting, it is worth looking into equipment that can help you in your paranormal pursuits. To help you find unusual activity, you can purchase a starter Ghost Hunting Kit. It includes audio and video recording devices.

EMF readers allow ghost hunters to determine if high electromagnetic frequency (EMF), readings are false, even though there is no ghost activity. Get your ghost hunting equipment!


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