National Girlfriends Day

National Girlfriends Day

This is not Valentine’s Day, but it’s about girl friends. These two words refer to your friends. This is not romantic entanglement. It’s friendly concourse and relaxation.

Let’s start with the definition of Girl Friend’s Day – the day for girl friends. That definition of a girl is pretty obvious. Although there may be occasional bending of the term, we all know what it means. A friend is someone one knows well and shares mutual affection with. This does not refer to sexual relations. All of us have relationships, and a friend, regardless of the context, is someone who has a close relationship to us.

August 1, 2004 was Mistress Susan’s special day for girl friends to show their gratitude. This is a great opportunity to bring your girl friends along to the park, to see a Broadway play, or to eat at an opening restaurant.

There may be some hope if you’re really looking for ideas on celebrating Girl Friend’s Day. A get-together could be arranged to host a luxurious slumber party. Slumber parties don’t just appeal to little girls. Ladies of luxury can have a great time at their soirees. Powwows can be organized for girl friends to share their financial, business and personal goals. You can plan another outing if you are unable to get together with your girl friend today.

You should be able to identify your girl friends and what they enjoy doing together. You can have manicures, pedicures, or a glass of wine by the lakeside the options are endless. Just do what is most effective for you to communicate your feelings with them.

This day is for you if that means going to the salon or shopping. Find your common ground, enjoy the day, and find the people you share it with. Enjoy the buzz of a glass under the stars, a book group meeting to discuss the latest romance novel, and even sharing a slice of pie at a local diner. It doesn’t matter if it means more to you or your girl friends. It is not the most wonderful thing anyone could do. But it is about the personal connection one would make with their friends.

So, whether you’re enjoying a cold beverage, a warm meal or a swim at the beach, remember your girl friends, and have fun with them!


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