National Good Teen Day

Teenagers can experience a lot of difficulties as they transition from adolescence into adulthood. It is worth paying close attention to the teens in your life. Let them know how great they are working as you grow up.

National Good Teen Day reminds you to stay connected and be involved in the lives your teenagers!

Although the concept of teenagers is relatively new, it was first used in the middle 20th century. The term “teenager” was first used to describe the youth of society at the end of World War II in the middle of 1940s. This unique and sometimes turbulent stage of life is marked by the transition of children between adolescence and adulthood.

Teen years can be confusing for many young people. Modern science continues to show that teenagers’ brains are constantly in flux, and undergoing all kinds of important changes. Teenagers are often criticized for being a negative group. However, they are actually great children who are learning to function in the real world. They also have fun and are ready to make a difference in their lives.

National Good Teen Day was created by students and teachers from the Salem City Schools of Salem, Ohio. It was first observed in January 1992. The day’s purpose was not to denigrate teenagers and to acknowledge that every teen can have something positive.

National Good Teen Day is made possible by the recognition of the “good” in every teen.

In October 1992, President Bill Clinton and the United States Congress signed a joint resolution declaring January 16 to be a day for encouraging teenagers. That day became known as National Good Teen Day.

National Good Teen Day is a great opportunity to highlight the positive qualities of teenagers in your family. These are some ideas to get you started on the celebration.

National Good Teen Day, whether it’s from a parent or grandparent, teacher, or neighbor, is the perfect time to reach out to teenagers in your life and show them how much you care. You can take them out for coffee, offer to shoot baskets with them, or simply give them a note. Let them know you care and encourage them.

Many opportunities exist for teens to volunteer in their communities. You could volunteer to tutor high school students who are struggling academically. You could also volunteer at a local charity for homeless teens to keep them off the streets.

One super idea is to support a non-profit or charity that was founded by a teenager in celebration of National Good Teen Day. These charities were founded by Good Teens.


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