National Gorgeous Grandma Day

National Gorgeous Grandma Day

Many people across the globe believe that we don’t do enough to honor our elderly. It is a good thing that National Gorgeous Grandma Day exists.

National Gorgeous Grandma Day (February 8) is a day when we can honor the grandmas in our lives. Everyone thinks their grandma looks beautiful. So why not dedicate an entire day to recognizing that fact? Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and National Gorgeous Grandma Day are well-known.

National Gorgeous Grandma Day does not only celebrate women who enjoy being grandmas. It’s about acknowledging all women, regardless of age, who have grandchildren. There are many women who want grandchildren but haven’t been able to.

You now know that the day is coming, and you’re probably already planning to spend it with your grandmother. You can be certain that your grandmother will have plenty to do, no matter what her preferences are. There will also be plenty of support available.

To understand the history behind National Gorgeous Grandma Day you must know where the expression ‘Gorgeous Grandma‚Äô comes from. This is Alice Solomon’s fault. In 1984, she graduated from Wellesley College when she was 50 years old.

She felt society considered her and other older females as seniors. They were considered useless or irrelevant, which she believed was her belief. This was when she created the concept of “Gorgeous Grandma”.

She decided it was best to embrace the term and add the adjective “gorgeous” to it. This created a ‘notice-me’ image and a snappy image that would be perfect for older women. In an effort to dispel all the stereotypes about older women and show them that they are capable of doing great things, she created National Gorgeous Grandma Day.

National Gorgeous Grandma Day, if your grandma lives with you, is the perfect opportunity to show her how special you are. Spend the day with your grandma. You could even go to a delicious afternoon tea with your grandma. You could go out for a delicious afternoon tea together.

It doesn’t cost anything to make your grandma’s day extra special. Spending time with your grandma will bring a smile to her face and make her feel special. Your grandma could cook for you. We’re not trying stereotype you, but many grandmothers spend their time cooking.

Cooking is a sign that you love your grandmother and they love to cook for them. To show your grandmother how much you value all she does for us, cook a meal.

A film could be enjoyed with grandma. Some of the best films have been made about bad-ass grandparents. There is also the movie ‘Grandma. It was released in 2015 and will make your grandma and you laugh. Julia Garner plays Elle, a widowed lesbian poet. Her teenage granddaughter visits her and asks for money to have an abortion.

The film follows the couple as they attempt to raise funds by asking for favors from people from Elle’s past. It has received rave reviews, and was listed among the top ten independent films in 2015 when it was released. You can be certain that your grandma and you will enjoy watching it together. Enjoy some bonding time with your grandma!

You don’t have to live close to your grandma if you are unable to spend time with them, so why not send her a card instead? You will be able to show your grandma that you care and make something special for her. Include a note to let your grandma know that you care about her and that it is a thoughtful gesture. A poem is a great option if you are someone who struggles with words. If you are looking for inspiration and help online, there is plenty of it.

National Gorgeous Grandma Day is for women 50 years and older. Celebrate it by doing what you love. You can achieve whatever you want, no matter your age. Alice Solomon, who graduated at 50 years old, proved this. Take that class or that activity you’ve always wanted to learn. Do not let stereotypes and doubts stop you from pursuing your goals. As they say, life is about living!

It’s also possible to spend the day paying tribute and honoring older women who have proven that anything is possible. There are many amazing stories about older women who excel at life. Flo Meiler is an example of an older woman who started track and field at the age of 60. This shows that you don’t have to be too old in order to achieve your goals. At 65, she tried pole vault for her first time. She holds many U.S. records, including those for women her age. Spend some time looking at her achievements.


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