National Grammar Day

National Grammar Day

Are you sure what day it is? It’s not a bad day, but you might be surprised to find out. It’s not bad grammar day. It’s National Grammar Day! That’s enough! National Grammar Day was created to raise awareness and understanding about proper grammar. It also gives us another opportunity to mock those who cannot compose decent sentences for being stupid. It doesn’t matter if you are new to reading or writing; grammar is important, especially on National Grammar Day.

National Grammar Day is a day for readers, writers, and anyone who cares about using good grammar. This is the day that it’s acceptable to be a “grammar Nazi”, not only to improve your grammar but also to help other grammar-speakers. Although it may have been awhile since your last English lesson, it is never too late for you to brush up on the basics of commas and when to start a new paragraph.

Grammar nutts won’t want this day to pass by. This important day puts all things related to technically correct writing in the spotlight. This grammar-focused day celebrates all things related to the perfect written word, no matter how advanced you are. The day can be used to improve your grammar or to share your love for correct grammar with others.

Martha Brockenbrough was fed up. After seeing the word abused, and abased many times, Martha Brockenbrough was fed up and would not tolerate another instance in which the innocent language was treated badly in her presence. She was not to be trusted! Martha decided that all verbs, adjectives, nouns and good verbs deserved a day when people stood up and refused to abuse them. There would be no more misplaced, lost, forgotten or misplaced apostrophes. We will no longer find proper nouns in lowercase or commas left out.

National Grammar Day was established in 2008, and is still being held today. Martha Brockenbrough is also the founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. This organization promotes excellent grammar throughout the year. The first year of the event was marked by a letter from George W. Bush. Every date is special. Brockenbrough chose the 4th of March because it is an instruction: “March forth!” She wants people speak well and write well and to help others do the same.

This day was created not only to ridicule people who make poor grammar choices, but also to celebrate positive aspects of language. A good use of grammar and language will ensure that your intended meaning is conveyed. Once you understand the basics of grammar, you will be able to use it to create, educate, and passion about any topic you choose to write about.

Grammatical elements are an essential part of communication. What should you do if you see a sign indicating a “Harsh brown potato” breakfast? You might also see signs at grocers announcing that they sell “Gluten-Free” food. Or how about the time KEYE TV Texas declared “Department of Criminal Justice”: What they are doing to fix it? Grammatical errors, regardless of where you live or what you do, are something that everyone needs to be aware.

It’s easy to celebrate National Grammar Day by putting in a little more effort to make your sentences grammatically correct. Double-check your sentences and review your grammar lessons from elementary school to make sure you are sending the right message. It will be appreciated by those you are communicating with and will also help those who grind their teeth when grammar is incorrectly used.

You don’t have to be a master of your own skills. If they ask you, you might help someone else improve their grammar. National Grammar Day is not just about improving your grammar but also about helping others to be passionate about grammar. Writing and reading is a great way to celebrate.

Spend some time writing during the day. Make sure you get it right. Take the time to look over what you are writing and double-check it with a grammar editor. If you are passionate about grammar, you might be able to volunteer to help others write correctly. You can even start a book club or hold a writing contest.


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