National Grand Marnier Day

National Grand Marnier Day

What is Grand Marnier in your breakfast jam? That’s not something we can even consider a negative thing. Grand Marnier is known to break conventions, just like it was when it joined the ranks in the world of high-end liquors. National Grand Marnier Day is a celebration of this unique adult beverage and all the amazing uses it can be used in.

Let’s begin by asking the fundamental question: What exactly is Grand Marnier? Grand Marnier was Louis-Alexandre Marnier Lapostolle’s labor of love, the founder of Grand Marnier. Although his ambition to combine Haitian tropical oranges and traditional Cognac from France was viewed as a radical idea at the time, it didn’t stop him. His family name has become synonymous with quality and innovation in liquor industry, and continues to be a distinguished position among connoisseurs.

Grand Marnier is made only from the finest quality Cognac, and specifically Ugni Blanc grapes sourced from the Cognac region in France. To bring out the best aromas and flavor, the grapes are double-distilled in copper stills. Since 1880, the same Cognac has been used. They have continued to release innovative liquors since their first release. These include their Cordon Jaune, which is made with a neutral spirit rather than Cognac, as well as their Cuvee du Centenaire that is a limited edition of 25-year-old Cognacs.

Grand Marnier Day is an opportunity to celebrate this extraordinary beverage and to honor the traditions that lead to its creation.

Enjoy the rich, succulent flavors of National Grand Marnier Day by trying out some of the mixed drinks made with it.

Start with a Marnier & Bubbles. You just need to mix Grand Marnier and Champagne, or any other French sparkling white wine. You will need to mix 1 ounce Grand Marnier with 4 ounces sparkling white wine. For an extra splash of color, add a cherry.

You can also make a Grand Marnier Ita. Mix 2 parts Tequila and 1 part lime juice together. Mix it in a glass with ice and strain it through a strainer. Add lime wheels to top it off.

These are only two options, but there are many more!


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