National Granola Bar Day

National Granola Bar Day

Celebrate National Granola Bar Day to honor those hectic times when a little cereal bar was all you needed to get through a busy day at work.

Granola is a delicious, nutritious and healthy snack made with rolled oats. Although it has been a popular breakfast food ever since the 19th Century, it was not compressed into a snack bar until the 1970s. Although there is some dispute over who invented granola bars (granola bars), Stanley Mason is still credited with creating the compact form from loose granola by pressing. Granola is baked after being bonded with butter, honey or other syrups to create a firm, flat bar. Chewy granola bars are a rare exception. They are either lightly baked or completely uncooked.

Hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts who rely on granola bars for their energy are the biggest supporters of granola bars. We should not forget to keep the National Granola Bar Day alive in order to encourage a healthier lifestyle. It’s a great way to celebrate it by hosting a granola bar party with friends, and showing off your original recipes. You can add your favorite fruit, nuts or spices to make it even more creative.


Jan 21 2025


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