National Groundwater Awareness Week

National Groundwater Awareness Week

Although it may sound fancy, groundwater is actually water that’s found beneath the surface. Although technological advances have made it possible to improve water supply, groundwater is still the largest source of water that is drinkable and usable.

Groundwater is not an important issue for many. National Groundwater Awareness Week was created to change this perception.

Groundwater accounts for 99 percent of Earth’s water usable, which is why many U.S. cities, drinking water supply and agricultural irrigation are dependent on it. Groundwater is the most important raw material in the world, and many people and businesses depend on it for their daily needs.

National Groundwater Awareness Week was established by the National Groundwater Association to raise awareness about the importance of groundwater. This holiday also funds research to determine how groundwater flows through the subsurface, and what factors impact the quality and quantity of groundwater.

The National Groundwater Association gives an example of how the largest U.S. aquifer (which underlies 250,000 miles) could take up to 6000 years to replenish if it ever runs dry.

National Groundwater Awareness Week focuses on groundwater research and statistics and educating people about the importance of groundwater to countries around the globe. National Groundwater Awareness Week is designed to educate people about new ways to support ecosystems that depend on groundwater.

Groundwater is essential for drinking water. If it becomes depleted, it can have devastating consequences. This week scientists and activists meet through seminars and social media to share better ways for people to care for the planet they live in.

The National Groundwater Association offers great resources to help you learn more about groundwater. Attend a seminar on groundwater at your university.

Check out the data that has been funded by organizations to see the current groundwater issues. To determine the quality of your groundwater and to protect your water supply, an inspector should inspect your home.


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