National Gumbo Day

National Gumbo Day

Find out more about the flavor combinations that go into this little dish, which hails from France, Africa and the United States. National Gumbo Day is here!

Many people believe that New Orleans is French-influenced, but gumbo is not. It has an African roots and offers a delightful foray into Southern Cajun cooking.

Gumbo appears to have been created in 18th-century New Orleans, after the slave trade brought a large portion of New Orleans’ population from West Africa. Research suggests that the West African culture is the source of the okra-based stews that eventually evolved into “gumbo”.

Gumbo’s name is still a little disputed. However, some historians believe it was derived from an African term called “kombo” (or “ki ngombo”) which means “okra”. Others believe it may have been related the French population in New Orleans. Perhaps “un gombeau”.

National Gumbo Day was established to honor this delicious dish, which has roots both in West Africa and French-occupied New Orleans. It is a mixture of spicy Cajun and Creole flavors, as well as shrimps, andouille sausage, veggies – with okra as a main ingredient.

National Gumbo Day is here!

Enjoy National Gumbo Day by celebrating it with these fun ideas:

Add some vegetables and some andouille sausage to a pot and cook it in butter. Allow the mixture to simmer for around an hour. The flavors will then meld. For the final few minutes, add the shrimp to the pot. Finally, serve the mixture over white rice.

A visit to Louisiana, where gumbo was first created, is a great way to celebrate National Gumbo Day. New Orleans, located on the Mississippi River near the Gulf of Mexico, is well-known for its delicious food and nightlife. It is a must to try the amazing local gumbo while you are in New Orleans, also known as “The Big Easy”.


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