National Handcuff Day

National Handcuff Day

Happy anniversary to law-abiding citizens, but not for criminally inclined!

National Handcuff Day is the date that George A. Carney was granted a patent for a new handcuff design in 1912. This design was the standard for law enforcement agencies around the world.

Carney’s innovative “swinging bow-ratchet-type” handcuff design is lighter and more user-friendly than other handcuffs. It allows the subject to be secured without a key. Handcuffs used to be heavy and bulky, and there wasn’t a standard style. Carney’s design was always available and easy to compare with older models.

Most modern handcuffs have the same swing-through design as the patent. James Milton Gill purchased the Carney Patent and started the Peerless(r), Handcuff Company in Springfield, Mass. Since then, Carney’s handcuffs are still being made and have become the indispensable tools of the trade for clients that range from police officers to Harry Houdini-like escape artist.

The Annual National Handcuff Day Contest was created to celebrate this historical occasion. It is a quiz that tests your knowledge of handcuffs. The 100th Anniversary Peerless Handcuff is up for grabs to the winner. These questions will be asked regarding handcuff trivia.

This unique gift item is the 100th Anniversary Peerless handcuff to be one. This handcuff, although limited in number, is made to withstand daily law enforcement use. It is highly polished nickel-plated with unique engravings and serial numbers. This makes it an exciting prize for anyone interested in law enforcement’s history.

However, some people are starting to question the effectiveness of the ratchet adjustable handcuff design. They argue that it is possible to get out of this type of handcuff with a simple bobbypin.

You should also consider the fact that the Peerless(r), handcuff can be illegally used by the masses. This is especially true during home invasions.

Police impersonators sometimes use the Peerless(r), handcuff to restrain innocent citizens. People find it troubling that, despite all the technological advances over the past few decades, police still use handcuffs made over 100 years ago.

These people believe that Carney’s invention is great, but we need to move on to better ideas and designs so that the holiday would no longer be a Peerless(r).


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