National Handshake Day

National Handshake Day

National Handshake Day celebrates the handshake as a key mode of communication across many cultures.

Handshakes could have been created to show peace between two people. However, shaking hands does not mean that one hand can hold a weapon. The handshake could have been a sign of promise, oath or the sealing of a relationship. Handshakes were first recorded between Assyria’s kings and Babylon in 900 BC.

Handshakes are a symbol of acceptance, respect, honor, and peace in many cultures. Handshakes may be different in different cultures and countries. Sometimes a handshake is accompanied by a kiss. In other countries, men may shake hands while women do not.

National Handshake Day, founded by Miryam Roddy in 2005, was created to highlight the importance of handshakes as a way to make an impression. Roddy is a professional coach and believes handshakes are key to building professional relationships and making first impressions.

These ideas will help you celebrate National Handshake Day.

Respect for others is demonstrated by making sure your hands are clean every time you reach out to shake the hands of someone else. It is just common sense and consideration.

Good hygiene requires that you wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water. This includes after using the toilet, when hands are dirty or after blowing your nose. This will ensure that your hands are clean and in good order.

Although handshakes are declining in some circles, it may not be detrimental for relationships or society. National Handshake Day is the ideal time to get them back!

To honor the day, extend a hand for a handshake to another person and reap the benefits of this custom.


Jun 01 - 30 2025


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