National Hanging Out Day

National Hanging Out Day

For large families with many loads of laundry, laundry can be difficult. Laundry can be a chore that is not only tedious but also a burden on the household. National Hanging Out Day is for people who want to do better with their clothes and save the planet.

National Hanging Out Day encourages people to hang their clothes on a drying rack or line rather than using an electric tumble dryer or gas dryer to save the environment. This day aims to raise awareness about the many benefits of drying clothes on air.

Get ready to learn about drying laundry and how to celebrate National Hanging Out Day.

National Hanging Out Day was established in 1998 when Project Laundry List still existed. Alexander Lee, the former director, was in Green Corps’ undergraduate Environmental Organizing Semester. At the same time, Senator Dick McCormack from Vermont introduced the Right to Dry bill to try to pass it for the state.

This was the first National Hanging Out Day. It encouraged hundreds of people to use clotheslines and drying racks for drying their laundry, rather than using an electric tumble dryer or gas dryer.

Project Laundry List works to encourage others to use line drying to dry clothes. Project Laundry List now collaborates with hundreds of organizations to sponsor National Hanging Out Day every year.

National Hanging Out Day is sponsored by The CLEAN, an active member of a national coalition environmental organizations. It encourages communities to find out about the advantages of clotheslines as an alternative drying method.

Line drying clothes can save families money, prevent fires and save energy. Everybody wins with National Hanging Out Day

Line drying is more efficient than drying with a machine. This is why National Hanging Out Day exists. This day is intended to increase awareness about the negative effects that electric and gas tumble dryers can have on the environment.

Are you looking for ideas to celebrate National Hanging Out Day These tips can be used or you could come up with other creative ways to celebrate the day.

Air drying laundry is the easiest and best way to get involved. If you have the space, you can set up a clothes drying line in your backyard to test the effects of air drying. A round version of the clothes drying rack can be used in the ground, but it doesn’t take up much space.

Air drying clothes can be a simple way of helping the planet. It reduces electricity and gas consumption, and prevents the possibility of fires. It has many other benefits! These are just a few of the reasons National Hanging Out Day is worth celebrating more than one day.

You can show your support by sharing the benefits of air drying via social media or simply upload a photo to Instagram or Facebook showing clothes happily dried in the sun!

You could also post flyers in your local community center, or hand them out to schools and workplaces to inform people about the many benefits of air drying.

It is easy to have a conversation about the topic with neighbors and friends. Talk to your family and friends about this idea. Help others set up their clothing lines so that they can dry in the sun.


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