National Happy Hour Day

National Happy Hour Day

Joy, the draught of liquid happiness that brings joy to your life, is available at a discounted price during certain times of the day. Every bar around the globe honors it and everyone waits for it to arrive so they can enjoy their drinks with the knowledge that their purses are lighter than usual. The name is misleading, because it can last for up to two hours, which gives us all the chance to experience that happiness for a small fee. National Happy Hour Day is a celebration of this time and the pure joy it brings to its patrons.

It’s a term we all know, having seen it advertised at every bar and restaurant around the globe. How did the term spread around the globe? It is hard to find the first instance of this term, since it was a common reference through the centuries. Most notably, King Henry V by Shakespeare where he says “Therefore my lords. omit any happy hour that may give furtherance to our expedition.”

It can be used to refer to entertainment but it is more specific and originated in the United States Navy in 1913. The term Happy Hour was only used to describe all forms of indulgence such as smoking, boxing and music. Although it was originally used to refer to drinking, it only became popular during prohibition. The term “Happy Hour” was used to describe time spent in a speakeasy before moving on to bars that were no longer allowed to serve alcohol.

National Happy Hour Day can be celebrated in the most joyful and joyful of ways. You can go to your favorite place and enjoy their Happy Hour. These simple hours with family and friends can bring light to a dark day. You can host your own happy hour in your home, with friends and family, if there is no place nearby, or if alcohol is not your thing. These things are all part of National Happy Hour Day, and can be made a year-round tradition.


Dec 11 2024


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