National Hard Candy Day

National Hard Candy Day

Peppermint or cinnamon. Butterscotch, strawberry. No matter what flavor a person prefers, hard candy is delicious. National Hard Candy Day is reminiscent of grandma who always had hard candy in her purse or a bowl of them on the table.

Hard candy, also known as “boiled sweets”, dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. They would make their own candy from honey and mix it with nuts and fruit. Today’s hard candy are almost entirely made from sugar.

The English term “candy” has been used since the 13th Century. It is likely that it was derived from the Arabic “qandi”, which literally means “made of sugar”. The European candy industry developed in the 14th century when candy makers used to boil sugar and mix it with nuts and fruit, much like their Ancient Egyptian predecessors.

Hard candy became more popular in North America and England in the 19th century as sugar became more readily available. Today, the candy industry is huge, not just in North America or England but around the globe.

There are many brands and flavors to choose from, so now is the best time to celebrate National Hard Candy Day!

Enjoy making a big deal of National Hard Candy Day by using these fun ideas:

You can celebrate National Hard Candy Day by going to the grocery store and buying a few bags of hard candy. Enjoy a variety of flavors and bring back wonderful memories of hard candy you loved as a child.

Candy making isn’t for everyone. However, making hard candy with friends and family can be meaningful and fun in honor of National Hard Candy Day.

Making hard candy doesn’t require many ingredients. It usually requires only corn syrup, white sugar and food coloring. The most important piece is to ensure that a candy thermometer is working!

Sharing hard candy is more enjoyable than eating it. Spend some time this National Hard Candy Day being a fairy or elf and spread the joy to others. You can fill paper bags or cellophane bags full of delicious hard candy. Give them to your coworkers, classmates, or drop them off at the neighbor’s home. It doesn’t matter what relationship you have, celebrating the day with hard candy is sure to make it even more special.


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