National Harvey Wallbanger Day

National Harvey Wallbanger Day

Are you looking to get a new perspective on the world of drink? Do you want to make things more interesting with different drinks? Do you want something sweet and tangy that will make your skin crawl? Harvey Wallbanger, a sweetly-flavored drink that packs a punch and will make you bang the walls after just a few. National Harvey Wallbanger Day is a celebration of this drink and its history.

Some people claim that National Harvey Wallbanger Day was founded in 1971, while others say it was developed in 1952 at the Los Angeles Blackwatch Bar. According to legend, the drink was named after Donato Antone, a three-time champion mixologist and surfer. The problem is that Robert Simonson, a culinary historian, said that there is no evidence that the Blackwatch Bar existed or that Duke was in Los Angeles at that time. These are two extremely problematic points in the story.

It’s true that it’s a charming story. But, it doesn’t seem to have any truth. Let’s take a look at something more certain. George Bednar was the McKesson Imports Company’s executive director. He created the character “Harvey Wallbanger” as part of his marketing strategy to promote the drink. The drink was promoted by both the character and the tagline that he created.

A great way to celebrate National Harvey Wallbanger Day, is to have a Harvey Wallbanger at least once during the day. A great way to celebrate National Harvey Wallbanger Day is with friends. Get together and enjoy mixed drinks starting with Harvey Wallbanger. You can add a carnival feel to the event by dressing up as a masquerade. You can have people dress up as Harvey Wallbanger characters to celebrate the ad campaign and Bill Young, the graphic artist who created them.

Make this drink by simply adding vodka to a highball glass filled with ice and orange juice. To garnish the drink, pour a small amount of Galliano on a wooden spoon.


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