National Help A Horse Day

National Help A Horse Day

There’s no need to horse around, today is National Help A Horse Day. This important event aims to increase awareness about the difficulties faced by horses all around the globe and to help save them from inhumane and cruel situations.

Horses are a distinctive animal, known for their beauty and grace. There are over 300 breeds of horses, but they can be divided into three types: “Hot bloods”, who are bold and fast, “Cold bloods”, who are strong and calm and “Warm bloods”, that are more balanced and good for riding.

Horses can fly and be scared easily. They are also able to stay up in the night so they can escape quickly. Horse teeth are extremely long. They gradually grow into their mouths (a process called “erupting”) over time to replace the chewed down material. They’re also excellent runners and can move in many gaits, including trotting, cantering, and full-out galloping.

Horses are often called man’s best friend. These majestic beasts have been the backbone and strength of civilization throughout human history.

Equines were first domesticated around five millennia ago and have played a vital role in many areas, including transport, agriculture, warfare, and ceremonial occasions. They have also been used in therapy and as companions.

There is a darker side to the history of horses. Humans often treat these devoted animals with cruelty, and even contempt. As some owners find it too expensive to care for horses, the stories of neglect and abandonment continue to increase.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, (ASPCA), started National Help A Horse Day in 2014. However, its roots go back to the very creation of the ASPCA. The idea was born in 1863 by Henry Bergh, an American diplomat stationed in Russia who saved a horse from being mistreated by a carriage driver. On 26 April 1863, the owner of the horse was arrested for mistreating it. This was the first such incident. Bergh founded the ASPCA in 1866. National Help A Horse Day is therefore a celebration of this important date for the ASPCA, horses all over the world, and Bergh.

To commemorate the occasion, the society hosts the annual Help a Horse Home Challenge. This is a national competition for horse shelters and rescue centers. The winners receive a generous grant to help them further their work. National Help A Horse Day is celebrated both nationally and internationally. People all over the globe celebrate these incredible horses and raise awareness about the cruelty and neglect they are subject to.

Horses are loved for their caring and loyal nature. Horses can be quite expensive to take care of due to their large size and complicated needs. Many horses are left to fend for themselves, often by their owners who don’t care about them but also by those with good intentions and the financial resources to do so. Horses neglected may not have the proper nutrition, shelter, medical treatment, or enrichment to live happy, healthy lives. Others may be left alone and left to their fate, a practice called “fly-grazing”.

However, pet horses are just one aspect of the problem. Unscrupulous breeders, dealers and traders who sell these horses by the dozen without any regard for their horses’ welfare are perhaps more dangerous. To prevent this cruelty, stricter animal protection laws are required.

Horses can also be mistreated in sport. For example, horse racing can prove to be dangerous and many horses are put down when they get hurt. Working horses can also be abused and exploited by businesses that are looking to maximize their profits. Horse rescue centers and sanctuaries play an important role in helping horses by providing safe homes and saving them from harsh living conditions.

Horse meat is another controversial topic, and many are opposed to its consumption. It is illegal in many parts of the world, especially the US. Over the years, there have been numerous concerns about the quality of the meat and its source.

Wild horses are also at high risk. Although the wild horses are beloved as symbols of freedom and freedom, there are problems with managing overpopulation. In the US, “mustangs”, which are often captured and kept in holding pens, are common. We need to find humane ways to ensure wild horses can thrive alongside their domesticated counterparts.

National Help A Horse Day gives you the opportunity to make a positive impact on horse care and protection. If you have the time, consider donating to an equine sanctuary, rescue center or charity of your choice. Or volunteering for one in your area. Signing petitions to demand better care for our faithful companions who have served us well over the centuries is another great way to make a difference.

You should contact a local animal welfare group if you find a horse that is neglected or abandoned. They will be able help the horse to be rehabilitated and adopted. If you have the time and desire to foster or adopt a horse,

National Help A Horse Day offers a wonderful opportunity to show your love to horses if you live close to them or have one of your own. You can share an apple, carrot, or sugar cube with a horse that you know and take them on a trek or ride (with the owner’s permission). Spread the word about National Help A Horse Day so that all horses have a chance for a happy and healthy future. They only need a helping hand (most of them are at least 10 hands high). To live a better lifestyle.


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