National Heroes’ Day

National Heroes’ Day

Everyone loves a great hero! National Heroes’ Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate heroes who inspire and make the world better.

Many countries around the globe have National Heroes’ Days, but the Philippines celebrates the one that falls on this date in late summer. This day marks the anniversary of the Philippine Revolution, which began in 1896. It commemorates the anniversary of Pugad Lawin’s Cry of Pugad Lawin, which launched the rebellion against the Spanish Empire.

It is not known when and where exactly this revolt occurred, but it is believed to have happened on August 26th or 23rd.

The National Heroes’ Day was first celebrated in 1931, when it was observed on the last Sunday of August each year. In 2007, Thi was changed to the last Monday of August. This was done for practical reasons to give more time to long weekends and boost domestic and international tourism.

These ideas will help you celebrate this special day.

People who live in the Philippines often observe National Heroes’ Day to remember those who have died for their country. This day is often marked with parades, wreath-laying and flowers. This day is also celebrated with fireworks displays.

You might find it enjoyable to celebrate National Heroes’ Day with a movie that tells the true story of a hero. You might enjoy one of these movies about heroes:


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