National High Five Day

National High Five Day

Someone once stated that law should require that high fives be repeated if the first was not satisfactory. Ok, maybe this isn’t really true, but it is a moral issue!

The “High Five” sacred tradition has been used for years to commemorate remarkable events in people’s daily lives.

Do you want to get the trash in the can the first time you throw it? Give yourself a high five! Get that promotion you have been aching for! High five! Did you propose? Did she say yes? HIGH FIVE You just got an outstanding grade on your paper. HIGH FIVE.

High fives can be used for almost any occasion! National High Five Day is just one reason why you should use the universal gesture of excellence, high fives.

National High Five Day reminds us that success is worth celebrating, and the highfive serves as an universal form of celebration for all levels of success.

For those who don’t know this, the High Five is when two people clasp their hands, palms facing one another, and place their heads over each other. This is not to be confused with the ‘Low Five,’ which traditionally occurs at the waist or lower. You probably already knew this. Now you know! High Five

As with many grassroots trends, it is difficult to trace the origins of the high five. One legend states that the origin of the high five is Lamont Sleets Jr. who was a Kentucky basketball player in the late 1970s/early 1980s.

Magic Johnson, a famous basketball player, suggested once that he might have invent the high five while he was studying at Michigan State University in late 1970s.

However, it seems more likely that the high five was created by Dusty Baker (and Glenn Burke) in 1977. According to legend, these two Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team members were celebrating an especially important win in a game on October 2. It seemed only right that they clapped their hands over their heads.

It turns out that the whole world agreed it was a good idea. Since then, the high five has been a universal sign that can be found in every culture around the globe.

In 2002, a group of University of Virginia students decided that it would be fun to give and receive high fives without the possibility of saying no. It was to take place on the third Thursday of April.

National High Five Day represents something far more than a successful baseball game. National High Five Day was initially created as a fun activity for college students. However, the founders decided to make something of the hype and create something positive eight years later.

They became a charity organization and began to choose worthy causes to partner. They started providing college scholarships, raising awareness about cancer research, helping those affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy, and promoting school-based nutrition programs.

The organization continues to work with individuals and companies that support them in raising funds for worthy causes. 2020 was the first virtual % National High Five Day. However, people still enjoyed the day and sent good vibes.

These are some fun ways to celebrate the high five day

Good job getting up to go to work each morning! Give yourself a high five! You managed to get through the day without giving a high five…with a chair! Congratulations! They will live to see another day!

You can spend the day appreciating, encouraging, and sometimes even slightly irritating, your coworkers, family members, and friends.

You might also consider starting a fund-raiser for the fight against cancer while you are doing this. This can be done by getting sponsorship and collecting as many high-fives throughout the day as possible. Then, setting different donation levels depending on how many were achieved. We are grateful for your support of this important fight.

You can learn more about connecting by visiting the National High Five Day website.

Are you not comfortable giving high fives? Do you feel uncomfortable touching the hands of so many people? Maybe you work from home and aren’t able to hug people. That’s okay! You have other options, so get creative.

People who work remotely might choose to take a photo of themselves giving high fives to their pets. Some people might share a picture or meme of their high fives on social media. Others might make a donation for the National High Five Day charity cause.

No matter what activities you choose to celebrate this day with, make sure to spread the word by giving high fives and raising awareness about this important day!


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