National Hoagie Day

National Hoagie Day

Everyone loves food! This may explain why there are so many food-themed holidays throughout the year. It’s no surprise that this special sandwich gets its own day!

It is known by many names, including a sub, a sandwich, a wedge or a hero. Today is the perfect day for you to remember all that you love about this delicious, filling, and savory treat.

The humble hoagie was first served on Americans’ plates around 1953 or shortly after. It was made in Philadelphia shipyards during WWI.

Italians who worked in shipyards at the time would create sandwiches by placing meats, cheese, and lettuce on a soft baguette-shaped wrap and bringing it to work. This simple-to-make, but delicious creation soon earned the nickname ‘the Hog Island’. It would then be called “hoggie”, possibly because it doesn‚Äôt roll off the tongue as easily.

Another theory about the origin of the hoagie is that it was created by street food vendors, who were called ‘hokey pokey men’ in early 20th-century America. These food sellers would cut a loaf in half, stuff it with antipasto and then sell it as a snack. Perhaps they were also doing the “hokey pokey” dance at the same moment. !

The hoagie sandwich is a well-known Philadelphia sandwich. In 1992 Ed Rendell, the mayor declared that it should be the official sandwich in Philadelphia.

If you try these tips, it can be fun to observe National Hoagie Day.

The perfect lunch: Hoagies! Hoagies were originally made to be packed by shipyard workers as a quick and easy meal. Even if you don’t have the time to celebrate, you can still give a nod at National Hoagie Day with a quick sandwich lunch at your local deli.

These fun facts will impress your coworkers and friends for National Hoagie Day.

It’s only right to celebrate Hoagie Day by making a delicious and delicious homemade hoagie!

Slice a long, soft or crispy bread roll. Add your favorite cold cuts slices and cheese. If you want to make it authentic, do not add mayo. Instead, use good quality olive oil, and some Italian herbs. For a little extra crunch, add some lettuce and tomato to the dish.

If you really want to be serious about National Hoagie Day then why not make your own bread and create your own artisanal sandwich? Fresh bread is always the best.

People who love hoagies may find National Hoagie Day best spent in Philadelphia, where hoagie sandwiches first appeared. These are some of the most well-known Philly hoagie shops:

You don’t have to enjoy the hoagie alone. Share the delicious creation via social media. Perhaps you could invite your friends to a hoagie-making party. You could also set up a line for making hoagie sandwiches in your breakroom.

Simply arrange the ingredients (including artisan bread rolls, gourmet cheese options and lunch meats and vegetables) and then let people stack them up as high as they want. You can make it even more delicious by adding condiments like mayonnaise, herbs, spices, and olive oil to your favorite foods.


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