National Hobby Month

National Hobby Month

Hobbies are something that we all share. We all have something that keeps us busy, whether it’s reading or gaming. Join us as we dive into National Hobby Month’s pages!

Humans have had hobbies since the beginning of time. It began with small hobbies like swimming, hunting, or drawing on cave walls. It has been a long-standing tradition for us to do things to keep busy during long hours. But where did the term hobby come from?

According to the origins of hobby, it was originally a term that was used for pursuits that were considered trivial or childish by others. Sir Matthew Hale wrote in Contemplations Moral & Divine 1676 that “almost every person has some hobby horse or another wherein he prides him.” This was acknowledging the fact that a “hobby” horse can give one a legitimate sense. As working people had greater hours and more leisure time, hobbies flourished by the middle of 18th century.

They were more likely to spend their time pursuing interests that gave them satisfaction. There was concern that working people might not spend their leisure time on worthwhile pursuits. In the 1830’s, the idea of removing bad habits was realized through the provision of counter-attractions. Since then, this trend has not slowed down. Initially, bad habits were viewed as a result of sensual and physical traits. Counterattractions, or more precisely alternatives, were cultivated rationality, and intellect.

This celebration can be enjoyed all month. Enjoying our hobbies is all that’s required. There are many hobbies, and we’ll just add a few to show you the variety.

Collecting: This is the act of locating, buying, organizing, cataloging and displaying antiques and other valuable items people want to keep.

Cooking: This is the art of creating a dish using different combinations of ingredients. This is a great way for you to discover different culinary styles.

Gardening: This is the care and maintenance for flowers and plants in a row or pot of tilled soil.


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