National Homemade Cookies Day

National Homemade Cookies Day

Homemade cookies are a delicious comfort food that can be enjoyed with a glass of milk. Maybe homemade cookies were not a part your childhood, but National Homemade Cookies Day is the perfect time to celebrate them!

The history of homemade cookies goes back several centuries. It is the time when all food was made at home. Cookies may have been born out of small cakes. Perhaps they were made to check the temperature in the oven before baking the larger cake.

This could have been originated in Persia (modern-day Iran) around the 7th Century AD. Two factors likely contributed to the rise in popularity of cookies. The first is due to the spread of sugar around the globe. Second, it was discovered that cookies are more portable than full-sized cakes and bake quicker.

Homemade cookies became quite popular in Europe and England by the 14th century. One cookie that is still loved today is the shortbread cookie. This recipe, made from butter, sugar, and flour, was easy and delicious. Mary, Queen of Scots is the one who made this cookie popular and loved.

The homemade cookie has been losing ground to more convenient cookies made in factories since the industrial revolution. National Homemade Cookie Day was created to celebrate the simplicity and beauty of homemade cookies. Homemade cookies may not be lost, but raising awareness and encouraging homemade cookies will ensure they never become a lost art.

The date falls during mild weather so no one will complain about the oven being on. This is the ideal time to celebrate National Homemade Cookie Day.

There are many delicious and fun ways to celebrate National Homemade Cookie Day. These are some fun ways to enjoy the day, or you can come up with your own creative ideas.

The best activity of the day is to get into the kitchen and make a batch or several! You can make your own cookies. You can choose from popular recipes such as oatmeal cookies or chocolate chip cookies.

You can also be more creative and adventurous with unusual recipes like lavender lemon shortbread cookies, cutout sugar cookies, and cutout sugar cookies that are cut into cute shapes and decorated using amazing icing.

There are people who bake homemade cookies every day. This is the time to improve your baking skills by making new cookies and altering existing recipes to create your own. To combine sweet and savory, try adding unusual herbs from your herb garden. You can also use special decorations such as frosting or colored sprinkles to bring out the best in your homemade cookies.

National Homemade Cookie Day is a broad celebration.

Homemade cookies are great to bake and then enjoy right out of the oven. A beautiful way to celebrate someone’s birthday is to surprise them with homemade cookies. Start delivering boxes or bags of these delicious treats to others by becoming the “Homemade Cookie Fairy”. You can give them to your coworkers, neighbours, family members, friends, school teachers, and anyone else you like!

Are you not up for making your own cookies? That’s okay! Many people enjoy baking, and some have started their own businesses baking cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. Look online or ask around to find a local cookie baker and place a special order for National Homemade Cookie Day.

Gather a few of your friends or coworkers and set up a challenge for homemade cookies. You could make them all at once if you have a large kitchen with multiple ovens.

You can also bake a traditional type of homemade cookie like oatmeal or chocolate chip, then have several people make their best versions at home and bring them to work. In honor of National Homemade Cookie Day, have a panel of judges choose the winners.


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