National Honey Month

National Honey Month

National Honey Month is upon us!

National Honey Month is an annual celebration and promotion that takes place in September. It promotes US beekeeping and the beekeeping industry.

The humble honeybee is the first step on the journey to honey. Honey bees play a vital role in today’s agricultural market, whether they are buzzing in their hives and foraging in the open for nectar, or both. They are vital in the function of pollination which is the transfer of pollen from one plant to another, fertilizing plants and allowing them to produce fruit.

About one-third of Americans’ diet is actually made from insects-pollinated plants. About 80 percent of this process is attributed to honey bees. This is a lot of reliance upon such tiny creatures!

Honeybees are a major pollinator of many crops, including almonds, blueberries, avocados and avocados.

September is the usual end of beekeeping season in most climates. This means that bees begin to prepare for winter by securing hives.

National Honey Month was established by the National Honey Board of the USA in 1989. It is an important month for honey producers and beekeepers.

This is a time to pay tribute to the little creatures that make honey and to be grateful for their contribution to pollinating crops for human consumption.

Celebrate National Honey Month now!

National Honey Month is an important step to raise awareness about these tiny creatures that are vital to the environment. These fun ideas are just a few of the many creative ways you can celebrate National Honey Month.

Honey, a natural sweetener, has been shown to have health benefits such as improved heart health and wound healing. Honey is high in sugar so honey should be used sparingly.

There are two types of honey: raw and processed. Some people feel that honey processed is heated and then bottled in an industrial facility, which can lead to some nutritional and health problems. Raw honey is better, but can also contain spores, so it shouldn’t be given to children younger than one year.

Acacia honey is a very popular honey. Many people know the texture and taste of it. Honey can come in many different forms, depending on which bee species and what flowers they are using to make nectar.

These honeys are great for National Honey Month celebrations:

National Honey Month is a great opportunity to learn more about honey bees, especially since the number of bees on earth seems to be declining rapidly.

These fun facts about honey and bees are available to share with your family and friends during National Honey Month

Even if you have a very small area of land, most people can still find enough space to house bees. The American Beekeeping Federation hosts more information and resources. They host a network beekeepers who make the world a better place and produce honey that makes it even sweeter.


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