National Horseradish Month

National Horseradish Month

This event is worth celebrating with relish! National Horseradish Month is a great opportunity to spice up your meals with this delicious herb.

Horseradish has long been grown and is highly prized by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. It has been used for everything, from a cough medicine to love potion. It is low in calories and fat but it is rich in flavour and valuable vitamins.

Although no one seems to know why this herb was given its own month, it is a great excuse for you to experiment with different horseradish dishes. Horseradish is a great accompaniment to roast beef. But have you ever tried it with chicken, fish, or eggs? Horseradish is also used in Bloody Marys and horseradish Schnapps is brewed in Germany. So you can toast the occasion with style.


Jul 01 - 31 2024


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