National Hot Cross Bun Day

National Hot Cross Bun Day

Hot Cross buns are great any time of year, no matter what day it is. These yeast-dough buns are often sweetened with some spices, such as cinnamon, and can be topped with raisins, currents, or other dried fruits.

National Hot Cross Bun Day invites you to think about the origins of hot cross buns and to have a day full of hot cross buns!

Hot Cross Buns’ origin story is difficult to track down as there are many theories. According to one story, a monk from Anglican Anglican in the 13th century baked these buns for sharing with others and marked them with a cross to honor Good Friday. Although they may not have had the same sweetness and gentle spices as today’s, this is where they likely started.

These buns had made their way to Elizabethan England by the 16th century. The queen passed a law restricting the sale of buns to Christmas, funerals, and Fridays before Easter. However, the law proved too difficult to enforce and was ultimately repealed. This made it legal to bake and consume Hot Cross Buns at any time of year, which was great news for those who love this sweet treat.

Many people believed these buns could have healing or medicinal properties. Many believed that buns baked on Good Friday would not go stale, at least not for the first year. Some believed that Hot Cross Buns, baked on Good Friday, could be suspended from the rafters to repel evil spirits. These magical buns were said to protect sailors from shipwrecks during sea voyages.

These little buns are fun to eat, regardless of whether they possess spiritual powers or not.

Hot cross buns are a sweet treat that dates back to Christianity. However, they were traditionally eaten on Good Friday as a Christian symbol for the Crucifixion. This marked the end of Lent.

Hot Cross Buns can be found in many areas and are available throughout the year. This delicious bun deserves its own day, just to be celebrated in all its wonderful glory.

National Hot Cross Bun Day is here!

It’s easy to make National Hot Cross Bun Day a family or work tradition. These are some ideas to enjoy this day!

Hot cross buns can be difficult to find at times of year but they are delicious and should be enjoyed every day. A bakery may be able to order special hot cross buns for you if you ask. If they don’t know about National Hot Cross Bun Day let them know and they may just make a special batch to celebrate it.

It’s not easy to make Hot Cross Buns at your home, due to the yeast involved in the recipe. They will be better if they are hot and fresh than if they have been prepared elsewhere and brought home.

There are a few options for making the perfect cross on top of your buns when you bake them. The cross was traditionally made by making an indentation with a knife into the dough before baking or by creating a cross from thin pieces of dough. People like to make the cross even more sweet by using powdered sugar frosting.

Nearly every preschool and kindergarten child can learn the lyrics and join in on this song. This is also the best day to do it. There are many verses and versions of the song, but these are the basic principles.

Hot cross bunsHot Cross bunsOne penny Two pennies Hot cross buns

Hot Cross Buns don’t have to be boring or average, despite their religious significance. You can make them in many creative ways to please your neighbors, friends, and family. These Hot Cross Bun recipes will make them look truly magical.


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