National Hot Tea Month

National Hot Tea Month

Warm, steaming cups of tea are a welcome addition to any day, even in winter. Tea is a wonderful choice for a substitute to coffee, with Irish Breakfast tea’s rich traditions, or to calm your nerves with Chamomile, Lavender and soothing aromas. It can be enjoyed with sugar or lemon, or with a little honey. You can also add milk or creamer to make it European. National Hot Tea Month, however you choose to drink it, is a wonderful time to remember this tasty beverage that can warm your body and soul.

Tea has been consumed for thousands of years. Its origins lie deep in China. It rose to prominence and became a popular beverage, surpassing coffee in importance. Tea is a symbol of sophistication and has become a part of British culture.

Tea is more than a delicious, warm beverage. It can also be used medicinally. There are many herbal teas available. Each one can be used to strengthen the body and help fight infection. A cup of mint or chamomile tea is one of the most popular uses.

Studies have shown that green tea has a significant effect on calories. Three glasses of green tea can increase the number of calories burned in just 24 hours. Imagine how easy it would be to lose weight and fight obesity by simply drinking something you love. Is there anything tea can’t do, Oh Tea!

It’s easy to celebrate Hot Team Month by simply making a cup of tea and then sitting back to enjoy it. There are literally thousands of teas available. They are all made from different parts of the Tea bush’s growth cycle. Then they are aged or mixed carefully to create a distinctive flavor and aroma.

National Hot Tea Month offers a wonderful opportunity to cut down on your coffee intake and enjoy a cup of hot tea instead to get you going each morning. Happy National Hot Tea Month!


Jan 01 - 31 2025


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