National Hot Toddy Day

National Hot Toddy Day

Hot Toddy is an unusual drink due to its unique combination of strong spirits (usually brandy, rum or whiskey) and the fact that it is heated. This drink is perfect for drinking cold winter days. It has played a significant role in history ever since the British colonial era. It can be made with many different alcohols, sugars and spices today to make it delicious and interesting.

The better quality booze will taste better. Hot toddies, regardless of how they’re made, are best enjoyed over a warm, crackling fireplace while wrapped up in a blanket.

Learn more about hot toddies and how to celebrate this day with some fun!

Toddy dates back to British colonial times. It is derived from the Hindi word Tari, which refers to a drink made with the fermented sap from the toddy palm tree, which is native to India. Traditionally, the mixture consisted of alcohol, sugar, water and spices. It was usually served cold. This may have been the original name of the drink, but today’s drink is very different from its predecessor.

The drink has changed significantly over the years. Hot toddies we recognize today may have their roots in 18th-century Scotland. The Scots made the hot drink with the intent of curing the common cold and other ailments.

Robert Bentley Todd, an Irish doctor who prescribed a hot drink made of brandy, Canella (white spice), sugar syrup and water, is thought to be responsible for the invention. It is thought that the drink spread to North America during Revolutionary War, when American colonists drank hot toddies to get “liquid courage” before they had to fight.

The popularity of this drink grew as more people believed in its anti-aging properties. It was actually hailed by a Burlington newspaper as a “cure all” in 1837.

A traditional hot toddy today will include a shot of alcohol, usually whiskey but also brandy or rum. It may also contain honey, lemon, water, and cinnamon, often in the form a cinnamon stick. You can add ginger, star anise and cloves or apple cider vinegar, maple syrups, lime juice, bitters, or even star anise to some variations. For extra flavor or as a home remedy, some people like to add a tea bag to the mix.

This is a well-known fact. The best way to celebrate National Hot Toddy Day, however, is to enjoy this delicious, comforting drink! It’s fun to try new recipes and variations to spice up the celebrations.

The Hot Toddy is often enjoyed as a treatment for any ailment, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be used only when someone is sick. A Hot Toddy can be enjoyed even when you are healthy, thanks to today’s variations and recipes. It might be fun to gather a few friends to celebrate Hot Toddy Day to its fullest.

There are so many variations to a recipe that you can try first. Then, go ahead and change it up based on your personal taste.

It’s simple to make this delicious hot beverage with the usual ingredients of alcohol and water.

This recipe is a fun twist on a classic dish.

This chili cinnamon hot toddy is great for clearing stuffy noses and enjoying the kick.

Hot toddy can be made in any mug you have around the house.

To make it more enjoyable, you can change the cup in which hot toddy is served.

A fun twist on the traditional Hot Toddy would be to use the hammered copper cups that were traditionally used to serve a Moscow Mule. It’s even better if you add a squeeze of lime to it!

You can bring out your grandma’s coffee mug collection to add a nostalgic touch to the National Hot Toddy Day celebration. You can also invite everyone to bring their unique mugs to the party and have a contest to determine who has the best.

Hot toddy is great no matter what container it’s served in.

If you enjoy the bittersweetness and warmth of this drink, share it on your favorite social media sites using the hashtag #hottoddyday. Let your friends know that you love this drink.


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