National Hug A Sheep Day

National Hug A Sheep Day

They are wild, wooly, cuddly, and bouncy and responsible for some the most amazing stuff on Earth. What are we talking? It’s sheep, of course! These boys, known as baaaaa-d, are out there providing the softest socks and warmest sweaters. They also make the best cheese outside of a cattle ranch.

They also give you lanolin to protect you skin and, at the end of a long, hard day, some of the best chops you could put on your plate. National Hug A Sheep Day is a reminder to say thank you for all the amazing things they do in your life.

National Hug A Sheep Day was established to recognize all the wonderful sheep around the world, whether they are wild or domesticated. It also celebrates the wool-rich lives of those who live in warmth and comfort.

Punkin’s birthday was the original National Hug A Sheep Day. She was the first sheep that the Crazy Sheep Lady at Equinox Farms had ever named her own. Punkin was saved from the Bluegrass Stockyards by his owner in 1992 to stop anything bad from happening.

They didn’t realize it would be the beginning of a wonderful friendship and a legacy that would last 22 years.

The Crazy Sheep Lady was sad to see Punkin go 12 years later.

National Hug a Sheep Day was born. It has grown to become an international event with open farm days at farms and related events that encourage people to hug sheep.

First, find a farm near you and hug a sheep. National Hug A Sheep Day, if you have never met a sheep, is your chance to make a difference in your life.

Check nearby farms for open days and stop by to take a look. Is there no farm day in your area? Go to your local craft shop and pick up a bundle wool. Even if you don’t know how to hug a sheep, it is possible to learn how to spin wool and make warm, durable clothing.


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